My paintings are process driven, in other words, I develop an image through the process of making the painting. My instinct, knowledge and collective memories are what drive my painting practice. There may be a narrative starting point i.e. an image from a personal memory or experience, but then it may equally be just an instinct to paint.

I often start painting with sensations from which I decide colours and gestures. The mechanics of the painting process has taken over; creating an intensity and a sense of being present in the process. Although this can feel like disorder, starting a new painting is also exhilarating when both a sense of vulnerability and uncertainty prevail. However the process often leads to a unified surface and a simplified and structured image, a desire for order perhaps.

All of my paintings are about discovering something new, either about painting itself or more broadly about ideas, feelings and external experiences. There is a desire in me to be spare and to create harmony and unity.

In conclusion, my painting practice brings with it a personal autonomy and responsibility, giving me a sense of purpose.